Digital Marketing Masterclass

How to get the most out of your digital marketing activity with a higher Return on Investment



Who is it for and what is it?

At The Marketing Centre we see many businesses who have spent a lot of time and money in this area but are still not getting the results they expect – whether it’s better engagement with the target audience, more sales leads, more sales, and so on. This is why we have developed this digital accelerator module.

It’s designed to provide a much-needed service to get companies up to a certain level of competence and then provide the ongoing monthly maintenance required. Deliverables fall into 5 distinct areas:

  1. SEO website optimisation
  2. SEO content marketing
  3. Paid search
  4. Paid social media
  5. Organic social media

And will be tailored to your needs.

Profit ImprovementBenefits

Our mantra has always been to do what’s best for the customer. In the same way as our part-tIme Marketing Directors, our part-time Digital Marketing Managers are totally hands-on and build the relationship with you to ensure you are getting what you need as a business rather than provide a standard off-the shelf “one size fits all” approach. They will pin-point the issues and address them quickly. This way costs are controlled and aligned to expected business outcomes.


Lead Generation-4How is it delivered? 

We first understand your business model and level of expertise, your brand, your customer base and the competitive landscape. If you’re an existing business we work with we’ll already know this. If you’re new to working with us we need to spend some time getting these details. We can do this over the phone or on a video call.

We will then conduct an audit and make recommendations from there. We don’t use third party agencies – it is all done by the digital marketing manager - a specialist who brings both the full agency toolkit as well as the marketing skills and commercial focus needed to exploit the digital channels fully and translate them into real measurable business results.


ReportingPricing and Transparency

We simply charge on a day rate or part thereof and deliver to a detailed plan which is agreed upfront. We provide monthly measurement against business KPIs and as with our Marketing Director service, you remain in control.


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