Joel Serman

Big Biz Experience: Fair Cape Dairies; Woolworths; Tiger Brands; Bitzer

Small Biz Experience: Tuna Marine & Orlichem Chemicals

'Marketing Director of the Year' 2017




Joels specialities lie in B2B and FMCG marketing, as well as marketing research. He doesn’t believe in the model of marketing which throws money at “brand building”, hoping that somehow sales will emerge on the other end – that is the domain of global brands with money they can afford to throw away.


He believes that marketing must create leads, cash flow and sales in the short term whilst building a sustainable brand in the medium and long term – and that all efforts should be measurable. Measurable return on investment is the only way to justify any marketing spend.


Joel is currently writing his Masters Thesis on Brand Differentiation Within a Commoditised Market, he has twice been acknowledged as one of the leading strategic planners in the B2B and FMCG arenas in SA and was The Marketing Centre South Africa 2017 Marketing Director of the Year.


Key Areas of Expertise


  • B2B marketing
  • FMCG marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Research
  • Creating measurable return on marketing investment




Fair Cape


  • Increased turnover 4 fold in just over 5 years. This was achieved by meticulous strategic planning and execution. Sales increase by 60% over a 2 month period and has been the springboard of the company’s growth over the past 5 years. In 2014 acknowledged as the fastest growing company in its sector in South Africa


Texies Fish Stores


  • Involvement in marketing research and developing and executing their sales and marketing strategy resulted in a 24% increase in sales in 6 months




  • Development and implementation of a Business to Business sales and marketing strategy has redefined the way they interact with clients and end users. Interventions have been acknowledged as being the driver of the new marketing focus of their entire organisation – sales have increased by 85% in the relevant business segments.




  • Leads generated increased by over 500% within 18 month; GreatSoft wins The FNB South Africa National Innovation Award and recognised as a "world-class, innovative company that continue to forge unique ways of doing business.”




  • Brand reach increases by over 350% with CPM (cost per 1000 people reached) decreasing by 77% through a tailored and segmented digital strategy. Sales in relevant segments increase by 84%


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Joel and Daniel Serman won The Marketing Centre's 'Marketing Directors of the Year Award' in 2018, for their consistent and outstanding strategic marketing performance and client service.


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