Karolina Laubscher

Big Biz Experience: 

Danone Group (Danone, Nutricia), Lactalis

Small Biz Experience: 

Henley & Partners, Moovguide



Karolina is a Marketing and Business Exec with over 17 years of experience in South Africa and in global markets. She spent 11 years in big corporations (Danone Group and Lactalis) working in European and African markets, as well as 7 years in services (both B2B and B2C). Karolina worked for 7 years in global positions, building business and marketing strategies in local and global markets. She has also extensive experience in government advisory and country positioning. Karolina then applied her business knowledge in practice and founded a migration tech start up – Moovguide, which she is running for 2 years. In her free time, she is consulting and sharing her marketing and business knowledge with other clients.


Key Areas of Expertise

  • 360 degrees marketing support, ROI driven
  • Lead generation; acquisition and conversion
  • Brand and portfolio strategy
  • Brand positioning and successful communication
  • Global marketing strategy and new market entry
  • B2B acquisition and nurturing
  • Marketing strategy for start ups
  • Portfolio optimisation and profitability
  • People leadership; team structure, recruitment and mentoring




Danone Group

Poland: delivered global best practices in multiple targeting and 360 brand communications through clinical studies and econometric modelling of sales (marketing mix research)

South Africa: launched Yogi Sip 1l bottle

Headquarters (The Netherlands): achieved global brand leadership of the immunity portfolio through needs state, U&As and barriers/drivers’ series of research, and developing market clustering strategies for global markets (communication, portfolio and promotional activities)

The Netherlands: achieved €100m sales through product innovation and superiority communication

Henley & Partners

As a Global Head of Marketing and a Board Member at Henley & Partners (a leader in high-net-worth citizenship by investment services) recruited and set up a team of over 30 global marketing professionals managed in South Africa, Europe and Asia

Developed the citizenship by investment industry in 6 years from €1b to around Eur €29b and built Henley & Partners as a leader through strong brand positioning, consistent and creative global communication, as well as strong B2B and B2C acquisition strategies


As a Marketing Executive and an EXCO member, delivered strong portfolio strategy, developed brand umbrella communication and innovation pipeline


Developed the business from concept and runs it since 2019.

Business insights by Karolina Laubscher

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