Pedro Casimiro

Big Biz Experience: Massmart, Unilever, Marketing in 15+ countries across Africa

Small Biz Experience: Advertising and media agencies. Apparel industry.



Pedro is an entrepreneur at heart and is in the fortunate position to marry his 2 passions namely, marketing and brand development across Africa, through his various business ventures.

As a brand strategist, he creates engagements between brands and customers by first understanding usage insights and then crafting brand stories, using various communication channels, that deliver on specific business requirements.

Having worked in apparel, corporate retail (incl.franchise stores), FMCG and ad agency sectors for over 25 years across Africa, he is able to assess brands from consumers', producers' as well as marketers’ viewpoint.

Integrity, curiosity, fun and compliance are his buzzwords.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies across multiple countries in Africa
  • Brand development within apparel, retail, IT and FMCG service sectors
  • Digital marketing
  • The ability to hold court in both a global corporate boardroom and in an SMME’s coffee chat session




The Flagship Communications Company


  • Creative, client service, traffic, production and board level duties.



  • Pedro managed the marketing of Game Stores across Sub-Saharan Africa for 10 years Engaged in initiatives between marketing, IT, merchandise, finance, store operations and supply chain services. He was elected to the Company Health and Safety Committee as well as the Ethics Committee.


Africa Media Warehouse


  • MD of an African media company demands a hands-on understanding of all media and consumer segmentation across Africa in order to offer brand communication solutions to global clients. Levels of engagement at Senior Management with both clients and the Africa networks of the top 5 global advertising agency groups (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Dentsu Aegis Network, IPG)


ID Cubed Design


  • Managing his own bespoke Brand Strategy agency, allowing engagement with and empowerment of small businesses




  • Staying in touch with and ahead of trends, attending courses with Edward De Bono, Philip Kotler and the “Mumbai MBA” experience with eTV in India, amongst others.


LIV Village


  • Pedro is assisting LIV Village (NPO) with the development and implementation of a digital marketing strategy (2017).



  • Created the Brand immersion strategy for Tiger Brands which saw an increase in volume sales of 4 food brands via traders across 5 informal markets in Mozambique (2012)
  • Created the Digital Brand strategy (education and acquisition) for the launch of Samsung phone apps (Kleek, eKitabu, Smart Trainer) in Kenya which gleaned over 3 million impressions, 254 554 accounts reached and 440 Tweets in 3 weeks. Campaign combined with radio and activations (2013)
  • Created the Brand strategy (education and acquisition) for Game Store Loyalty Card across Namibia and Botswana which delivered a YOY 34.5% growth in applications with a higher than expected conversion rate (2014)
  • Created the Communication strategy for various Unilever Master Brands which increased brand awareness and sales in Angola, Namibia and Botswana over 4 years (2011 – 2015)
  • Pedro was asked to contribute by FGI to an article that was published in The Media Magazine pertaining to Media in Africa (2016)


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